Our Stories

The Hollett family moved to Maungarei Road Remuera in 1924. There were many memories of picnics at Mission Bay and blackberrying by Lake St John. Click Here to Read More
The Bassett Road shops included Mr Thomas, grocer, Mr Queenin the butcher, Mr Just the greengrocer and a dairy, which met most of the neighbourhood's needs. Click Here to Read More
At a special meeting on 8 February 1905, the St Mark’s parishioners formally authorised the building of a new church in Ascot Avenue. The new St Aidan's Church was all ready for the great opening on 29 June 1905. Click Here to Read More
The building of the Tudor Theatre at 333 Remuera Road, where the Tudor Mall now stands was completed in 1926. A wide screen was installed in the min-1960 and Sunday evening screenings also began. By 1972 it was clear that the Tudor Theatre as a cinema was no longer a viable commercial enterprise. Reluctantly Selwyn Hayward closed the Tudor. Click Here to Read More