Our Stories

One of the more successful private schools was the Ladies College of Remuera, established in 1880. This exclusive finishing school for young women survived for over fifty years, through the First World War and depression, until it closed, in 1934. Click Here to Read More
In 1951 James Wong, his wife Ida, their young son Ron and baby daughter Lotus moved into number 387 Remuera Road, and opened the third fruit store in Remuera, James Wong Fruiterer. Click Here to Read More
Churches have always been important places for Christian communities, providing not only religious worship but community centres and venues for other events. St Mark’s, Remuera, has been a hugely significant place for the occupants of its parish since 1847. Click Here to Read More
Mavis Merlene Hill lived in Remuera in the early 20th century. She attended Ladies College and knew Jean Batten. Click Here to Read More
Maori people are first thought to have settled in the Auckland region approximately 650 years ago. Auckland would seem to have been a highly sought after area due to its rich and fertile land. The name given by the early Maori for the area was ‘Tamaki’. Click Here to Read More
Rona Von Zalinski moved to Meadowbank in 1940 with her young Air Force husband and two small daughters. There were then houses only in Meadowbank and Harapaki Roads. Rona describes the acquisition of the Meadowbank Hall by the growing community after WW2. Click Here to Read More
Monsignor Brian Arahill is a Parish priest for St. Michael’s Church in Remuera, which is on Beatrice Road, off Remuera Road. St Michael's is a Catholic Church which also has a school for catholic children. Click Here to Read More
In 1948 Mr. Martyn Wilson of Wilson and Horton (NZ Herald Newspaper Publishers) indicated that he would be prepared to bequeath his lovely old home “Roselle” and fifteen acres of land at Shore Road plus ₤10 000 to the Saint Kentigern Trust Board. Click Here to Read More
How technology has impacted on the development of Auckland. Click Here to Read More
The Hollett family moved to Maungarei Road Remuera in 1924. There were many memories of picnics at Mission Bay and blackberrying by Lake St John. Click Here to Read More