Remuera Historic Heritage Sites




Development is underway on the old Browns site at 411-413 Remuera Rd and the old Remuera Post Office site at 358-364 Remuera Rd. Click Here to Read More
The L J Keys building is one of the oldest in Remuera. The single storey building on the south-eastern corner of Remuera Rd and Clonbern Rd, at 367 – 369 Remuera Road is often referred to as the L J Keys Store or the “Clonbern Store” of Leonard John Keys. Click Here to Read More
The old Remuera Post Office, built in 1914, is a historic heritage landmark building on the corner of Remuera Road and Victoria Avenue in Remuera village. Click Here to Read More
The Remuera Business Association is adding heritage plaques to buildings in the Remuera shops. Click Here to Read More
Long before the Europeans arrived, Remu-wera was probably the Maori name of an area near Mt Hobson, situated in Tamaki-Makau-Rau, on the isthmus between the Waitemata and Manukau harbours. Click Here to Read More
The story of Cotter House begins in 1847 with an enterprising English colonist named Joseph Newman who came to New Zealand in 1840. Click Here to Read More
The demolition of the Hanna Block at King's School in Remuera is going ahead, following a decision by the council's Auckland Development Committee on 8 December 2015. The Hanna Block honours the memory of two prominent Aucklanders – Samuel Jackson Hanna and Daniel Boys Patterson. Click Here to Read More
Many villas and houses in Remuera over 100 years old are being demolished, especially in Clonbern Road and Armadale Road. #Vanishingvillas Click Here to Read More
Coolangatta was demolished in the early morning without warning two weeks before Christmas in 2006. It had stood for 93 years since 1912 when it was designed by Bamford and Pierce as an Arts and Craft house at 464 Remuera Rd. It was one of Auckland’s most admired houses, standing on a full site with magnificent views of Auckland harbour and Rangitoto. Remuera Heritage was formed not long after this. Click Here to Read More
The first Remuera library was opened in 1915 in a building which served as offices of the former Remuera Road Board. The present library designed by Gummer & Ford was opened in 1926. Click Here to Read More