Remuera Historic Heritage Sites




Skelton's Building 339-345 Remuera Rd was built in 1928 for Robert Skelton, a carrier and coal merchant and one of Remuera's first businessmen. One of the shops retains its original frontage with tiles, leaded frieze and oak trim. Skelton’s trucks were located behind the shops at what is now 347 Remuera Road. Click Here to Read More
Remuera is a large town centre which needs a community centre: keep 4 Victoria Avenue Click Here to Read More
The Bank of New Zealand first opened in Remuera in 1929 in Skelton’s Building at 339-345 Remuera Road. In 1948 the BNZ moved to the corner of Norana Avenue and Remuera Rd. In 1970 it moved to 371-373 Remuera Rd until 1988, when it moved across the road to its present location at The Gables, 338 Remuera Road. Click Here to Read More
411-413 Remuera Road was first the site of the offices of the Remuera Road Board from 1902 until it merged with Auckland City Council in 1915. After amalgamation of the Board with Auckland City Council on 1 March 1915, the building was refitted to become the Remuera branch of the Auckland Public Library, opening on the 2nd October 1915. The old library building was later relocated to Pt Chevalier in 1926 where it operated as a Library until it was demolished to enable Great North Road to be widened and realigned. Click Here to Read More
This wooden-façade shop was built about 1909 and is one of the oldest commercial buildings still standing in Remuera. Click Here to Read More
King’s College was founded in The Tower, the former home of James McCosh Clark in 1896, at 258 Remuera Rd, near the corner of what is now Garden Road. David Graham had built the house in 1855 and James McCosh Clark, an early Mayor of Auckland, bought the house and 12 acres of land in 1865. Click Here to Read More
George Cole, a local real estate and land agent, owned all the buildings from 142 to 144, now 382 to 396 Remuera Road, that is, from Victoria Avenue to the motor garage. He built them in the 1920s, with Wylie’s Pharmacy as the first tenant, occupying the corner shop for 70 years before moving to Airlie Court. Click Here to Read More
The Alderton family moved to Remuera about 1905 to 17 Remuera Road (now 101 Remuera Road). Alderton house was relocated to Huapai and then to 12 Downer Access Road, Kaukapakapa where it has been renovated in 2017. Click Here to Read More
Thomas King's Royal Bakery, on the corner of Remuera and Armadale roads, dating back to 1910-1920, was one of the oldest commercial buildings in Remuera. It was demolished in 2008. Click Here to Read More