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History Of Remuera

"Ah! I shall never forget the feelings of gratified amazement with which I gazed on the wonderful panorama which lay revealed to my sight for the first time on that now long ago day. 'Age cannot wither nor Time stale' its infinite beauty in my eyes." 
–John Logan Campbell, Poenamo: Sketches of the Early Days in New Zealand, Williams and Norgate, London, 1881.

In 1840, the young adventurer John Logan Campbell scrambled through high fern to the summit of Mount Hobson. He gazed in awe at the splendid panorama, and set his heart on purchasing land on the sunny Remuera slopes. The Maori owners, however, had no intention of parting with this most prized and fertile possession.

Looking north from Remuera Rd

Looking north from Remuera Rd showing the Remuera Primary School on Remuera Rd with pupils in the grounds and a horse and gig in the street, Rangitoto in the distance. circa 1885, 'Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland  Libraries (NZ)'

The lands Campbell so enthusiastically admired in 1840 were gradually sold, subdivided and developed, and Remuera became a suburb of Auckland.

Building allotments, Remuera Rd

NZ Map 4496-27 Building allotments, Remuera Rd, New market, for sale by auction by Joseph Cochrane at the Mart of Mr D Nathan on Tuesday February 10th, 1863. WC Wilson - 'Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries (NZ)'

In the twenty-first century, Remuera remains one of Auckland's most sought-after suburbs, with a rich architectural and historical heritage.

Although many fine early Remuera houses survive, a considerable number, such as Coolangatta on the Remuera ridge, have been lost to redevelopment. Equally, some natural volcanic features, such as Maunga Rahiri (Litte Rangitoto) have been largely quarried away.

Building allotments, Remuera Rd