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Opening of the Stonefields Heritage Trail on 18 November 2017


Saturday 18 November 2017 saw the opening of the Stonefields Heritage Trail by the Orakei Local Board and Councillor Desley Simpson. 

The trail skirts around the wall of the quarry and the side of Mt Wellington/Maungarei. Access is off Gollan Road or the back of the Stonefields shops by the Hollywood Bakery.. 

The walk features three pou -  

Ngati Paoa - Paoa Pukunui is the name of the pou by Ngati Paoa Puhi Thompson. The pou represents Paoa at the top holding the ko (used as a soil loosening tool, like a hoe) and Rongo-ma-Tane, God of Agriculture, at the bottom. The pou references the extensive cultivation that covered the area and reflects the customary landscape, whose nearby pa were at Mokoia and Mauinaina. 

Ngai Tai Ki Tamaki - Potaka is the name of this pou by Ngai Tai ki Tamaki carver Reuben Kirkwood. It represents the chief, potaka and his iwi's relationship with Maungarei / Mt Wellington - Te Maungarei o Potaka (The Watchful Mountain of Potaka). The work is carved froma totara log. 

Ngati Te Ata Waiohua - Ngati Te Ata who are of Waiohua and Waikato lineage, carved the colourful pou. Appropriately,this pou has been named Waiohua and represents a time when Ngati Te Ata were at full muster, preparing defences and getting ready for harvest. Carved elements on this pou represent pataka (food stores), iwi (people and future generations) and pa (village or home).