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Field of Remembrance for ANZAC Day 2017


The Field of Remembrance Trust has created a field of white crosses in the Auckland Domain in front of the Auckland War Memorial Museum. The 2015 Field was established in the Auckland Domain with 814 named crosses commemorating the men and women from the Auckland region who died in 1915. In 2016 a further 857 crosses were added named for the men who died in 1916. 

In 2017 another 1146 crosses have been added. Twenty four Remuera names were found with a cross: others may be included but the crosses are not placed alphabetically by surname or numerically by enlistment number, making it difficult to locate a particular serviceman or woman. 

See the list of 24 names here:  

1. George Edmund Vernon Aimer

2. Harold Gordon Allen

3. Norman James Beattie 

4. Arthur Birnie 

5. Robert Birnie 

6. Erni Bond 

7. Edward Arthur Craig

8. Arthur Frederick Crowhurst 

9. Samuel Alfred Crowhurst 

10. Thomas Grey Culling 

11. John Stewart Dagg 

12. Donald Buckland Gorrie 

13. John William Gorrie 

14. Leonard Richard Grimwade 

15. William Edmond Hartland 

16. Thomas Douglas Hutcheon 

17. Gordon Harrison Larner 

18. George Leo McCabe 

19. Robert Roderick Creighton Corbett McFarland 

20. Ernest Pountney 

21. Albert Ernest Pratt 

22. Robert Jackson Proude 

23. Horace Howard Wattam 

24. William Henry Williams