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2014 July Newsletter


AUGUST EVENT Samuel Marsden – Flawed yet Faithful - A Bi-Centennial Appraisal 1814-2014: a talk by Dr. Warren Limbrick

This talk will cover 200 years of the Reverend Samuel Marsden preaching the first church service in New Zealand, including the early times of Marsden in Sydney, working with Ruatara, and establishment of the first Church Missionary Society missions up north.

Dr. Warren Limbrick is a retired Anglican priest who has taught and researched in the field of Religious History over many years, including doctoral studies at Harvard. His publications relate to the New Zealand colonial era, especially the life and work of bishop Selwyn and the foundation years of the Anglican Church. He has enjoyed a varied career path ranging from Vicar of the Chatham Islands, teaching history at Otago University, to Vicar of St Andrew’s, Epsom, and Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, Dunedin. In 2013 he reluctantly retired from coastal sailing!

DATE – Friday 15 August 2014 at 7pm, with refreshments from 6.45pm

VENUE - Remuera Library, 429 Remuera Road, Remuera

Oil Painting by Joseph Backler Alexander Turnbull Library, Reference: G-620

Read the plan here (it’s not long) because submissions count! The more the Board get, the stronger our mandate to achieve what you want. Submissions close 5pm on Wednesday 6th August. You can submit online at or mail the submission form using the freepost address on the form, or scan and email it to

The priorities: based on feedback from the community earlier in the year, the board developed a draft plan setting out a vision and priorities for the Orakei Local Board area, which includes Remuera, over the next three years.

Part of their vision includes: the heritage, environment and character of our area will be protected for current and future generations to enjoy with the outcome of pollution-free waterways, leafy suburbs, protected buildings and acknowledged history.

Please support this part of the vision. Remuera Heritage also supports the following in the Board’s plan:


  • Advocate for funding to carry out heritage assessments for both our pre-1944 and post-1944 buildings and character areas.
  • Assess, fund and advocate for design improvements to enhance the urban form, retail offering, and accessibility of our town centres
  • Advocate for feeder bus services to connect all of our suburbs to high-frequency public transport
  • Develop more walking and cycling paths, including around Hobson Bay and through the Pourewa Valley.
  • Develop an online interpretive tool to showcase Orakei’s built and natural heritage for visitors

We would also like to see:

  • Re-zoning of Remuera Village as a Local Centre, not a Town Centre under the Unitary Plan, in order to preserve its sense of character associated with the existing buildings and a small suburban shopping centre
  • An area plan to be fast tracked for the Orakei Local Board area to include long term planning for Heritage, Natural environment, Centres, business and recreation, Transport, and Infrastructure.
  • The Remuera Railway Station to be fully restored by Auckland Transport so that the interior and signal box can be used for :
    1. A secure cycle parking facility in the bottom of the signal box
    2. Community use for meetings and events
    3. A display of railway heritage memorabilia, photos and history
  • Feeder bus service to the Remuera Railway Station and Greenlane station for commuters and particularly students e.g. down Victoria Avenue, along Shore Road, up Portland Rd, Remuera Rd, Market Rd. Then return via Great South Rd, Omahu Rd, Lillington Rd, Clonbern Rd to Remuera Rd shops.
  • Increase number of school buses taking school students from Eastern suburbs to schools in Remuera, Epsom and Newmarket, so that school-term car traffic is reduced to non-school term levels.
  • Advocate for Remuera Rd to cease being an arterial road because it goes through local shopping areas at Upland Rd and Victoria Avenue.

You only have one week to do this, but it’s simple to do and Desley Simpson really wants your support.


Three workshops are being held at Remuera Library. Librarians trained in researching family history are coming out to our library to offer these.

Tuesday 5 August at 11am: Learn how to use online family eResources

Tuesday August 12 at 2pm: Brick Walls – discover new ways to get to information about your family

Friday 22 August at 11am: Beginning your Family History

You need to book for this. Please RSVP by ringing ph.520 2532 or replying by email to Hilary Arrowsmith at Remuera Library. More information on Family History Month is on the Auckland Libraries website.


Along with the change of name from NZ Historic Places Trust to Heritage New Zealand, the HNZPT Act changes the name of the Register. Now known as the New Zealand Heritage List/Rārangi Kōrero (‘the List’), it includes all historic places, historic areas, wāhi tapu and wāhi tapu areas that were entered on the Register, and has been expanded to include a type named ‘wāhi tūpuna’. Wāhi tūpuna are places important to Māori for their ancestral significance and associated cultural and traditional values.

The New Zealand Heritage List/Rārangi Kōrero is one of five policy work programmes that Heritage New Zealand must complete over the next 18 months. The other four policies will relate to:

  • administration of the National Historic Landmarks/Ngā Manawhenua o Aotearoa me ōna Kōrero Tūturu provisions
  • administration of archaeological provisions
  • the organisation’s statutory advocacy role and
  • management of properties that Heritage New Zealand cares for.