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2014 February Newsletter



Remuera Heritage’s first event for 2014 is a double deal of two iconic buildings in Market Road. Park in Patey Street behind Cordy’s, Great South Road, or Market Road and walk the short distance to the Remuera Railway Station where Terry Sutcliffe and David Pittman will show us around the outside and inside of the finest example in in New Zealand of an island station and signal box from 1907. After that either walk or drive to the Remuera Bowling Club pavilion to relax with a talk about the history of the bowling club and its 1906 pavilion, with afternoon tea provided. The entrance is in Dromorne Rd. If you wish to come to just the bowling club at 3pm, walk or park in Dromorne Rd or drive down the right of way driveway in Dromorne Rd and park in the carpark. Be at the railway station on Sunday 16th Feb at 2pm for the start of this special tour and talks. 

Donation of $5. 

RSVP TO or Remuera Library ph. 09-374 1323


The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan was notified on Monday 30 September 2013. You can see the plan and maps at or in hard copy at the Remuera Library. Submissions are open until 28 February 2014. Remuera Heritage will be preparing a submission in conjunction with other heritage groups in the Character Coalition. You can see the topic sheet on Remuera here.

Main changes from draft Auckland Unitary Plan following engagement

As a result of community feedback and elected representative input, the following key zoning changes have been made for the proposed plan:

  • a number of Single House zones have been rezoned to the Mixed Housing Suburban zone. The main areas of change for this are to the north of Remuera village and Orakei Basin (from Combes Road and Komaru Street, bordered by Mahoe Avenue and Ngapuhi Road, and between Remuera village and the southern motorway (Remuera South). - NB: This means that these areas will be zoned as Remuera's main areas for development and intensification.
  • a number of Mixed Housing zones have been rezoned to the Single House zone due to the location of floodplains
  • a number of Mixed Housing Suburban zones around Remuera Village and Upland Road shops have been rezoned to the Mixed Housing Urban zone
  • a number of sites off Wootton Road have been rezoned from the Single House zone to the Mixed Use zone
  • the extent of the centre at Remuera Village has increased (to incorporate the Remuera Library) and the extent of the Upland Road shops has increased to the west along Remuera Road
  • a number of sites off Remuera Road and adjoining Upland Road shops (west) have been rezoned from the Single House Zone to the THAB Zone
  • special purpose school zones have replaced school precincts
  • the Urban Tree Protection Overlay will no longer apply (due to changes in the Resource Management Act)
  • the extent of the pre-1944 Building Demolition Control has been reduced. - Council planners have checked 1944 aerial photos of Remuera to verify whether a property was built before 1944 or not.

Check your property - are you happy with its zoning? You can enquire here or phone the council enquiries number on 09 365 3786 FREE or email It is proposed that the Remuera town centre building height be increased from 12.5 metres (3 storeys) to 16.5 metres (4 storeys). Significant Remuera shops and buildings that are currently 1 or 2 storeys are over 100 years old - these will be open to demolition and development: it will change the look and nature of our village dramatically.

You can attend an open day run by the council on the proposed unitary plan to ask questions about your property or heritage matters - there is a heritage seminar at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna on the 20th November at 4pm. See

A series of fact sheets are available to highlight key changes that have been made to the March 2013 draft Unitary Plan as a result of feedback. Submissions on the proposed Unitary Plan will close on 28 February 2014.

Historic Heritage and Special Character Areas

Volcanic Viewshafts and Height Sensitive Areas Overlay

Single House Zone

Residential Mixed Housing Urban and Suburban zones

Residential - Terrace Housing and Apartment Buildings

Auckland's Centres: Building Heights


Remuera Heritage had asked the Orakei Local Board to support the council’s plan to do heritage assessments over the next 3 years e.g. to carry out a broad survey of a suburb such as Remuera which will identify areas and sites of interest. The Orakei Local Board has prioritized funding for this in their annual plan for next year 2014/15 by providing additional funding to carry out local heritage assessments. See


David Pittman of The Remuera Railway Station Preservation Trust and Jennie Hayman of Remuera Heritage recently met with Councillor Mike Lee and John Brown of the council Heritage Department at the railway station to discuss its future. While the exterior has been preserved, the interior needs a lot of work done to bring it up to a usable standard. The unique signal box also requires some renovation. Remuera Heritage and The RRSPT have proposed that the station could be used for a secure lockup cycle parking facility, bike hire, and as a venue for a small railway museum display and heritage events relating to trains and railways.


Events being planned for 2014 include a speaker on the painter Goldie, who was a local Remuera resident, a visit to Terry Sutcliffe’s museum, a new heritage walk for the Heritage Festival, and a focus on the centenary of World War 1 from September 2014 onwards. We are looking at collecting up stories about the effect of the war on local Remuera families, identifying who were the Remuera residents involved in WW1, creating a memorial book register, researching the history of the Royal Mail Ship Remuera and the memorial plaques and structures in Remuera.


Auckland Council has produced a research guide showcasing First World War research resources available at Auckland Libraries and Auckland Council Archives. This guide will enable you to carry out your own research into family members or people who took part in the war. Copies of the guide can be obtained from the Remuera Library or found online at Did you know 10 per cent of NZ’s population of 1 million served overseas, of whom more than 18,000 died and 40,000 were wounded.


If you would like to join Remuera Heritage or make a donation to support us, please supply the following information to or our treasurer Margaret Harris






Either post a cheque to: Remuera Heritage, P O Box 28556, Remuera or transfer to the Society’s account: 06-0257-0198761-00 including your name in the reference field. Annual membership categories are: Individual ($25) / Family ($40). We appreciate any contribution you can make to preserving Remuera’s heritage.