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2010 Newsletter


Welcome to the Society’s first Newsletter. It is your Committee’s intention to, in future, make three issues a year to update you on the Society’s activities over recent months and to announce our future programme.

At the same time, your views will be most welcome as to comment on activities past but more importantly, to alert us to any areas where our heritage is threatened. The Society’s aim is, within its very limited budget and resources, to protect and enhance aspects of the past so that they are not lost to future generations. 

We hope that you enjoy this Newsletter, wish you all the very best for Christmas and look forward to you attending Society functions in the New Year.

Items that appeared in this newsletter:

2010 Heritage Cabinet Grant

2010 Remuera Childrens' Home

2010 Saint Walked the Streets of Remuera

2010 The Reserve on the corner of Shore and Arney Roads

2010 Thomas Cheeseman Talk

Street Names of Remuera

2010 Remuera Walk

Novelty & Childrens' Watch & Clocks Display

2010 Aerial Photos Recently Acquired

2010 Christmas Event